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Shakespeare Insults Dictionary beginning with the letters Y

Shakespeare Insults Dictionary
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You are as a candle, the better part burnt out (Henry IV Part 2)
You are not worth another word, else I'd call you knave (All's well that ends well)
You are now sailed into the north of my ladies opinion, where you will hang like an icicle on a Dutchman's beard (Twelfth Night)
You are rough and hairy (The Winter's Tale)
You are strangely troublesome (King Henry VIII)
You are the must chaff, and you are smelt above the moon (Coriolanus)
You Banbury cheese (The Merry Wives of Windsor)
You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things (Julius Caesar)
You egg, you fry of treachery (Macbeth)
You have as little honesty as honour (King Henry VIII)
You have such a February face, so full of frost, of storm and cloudiness (Much Ado About Nothing)
You heart hearted adamant (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
You heedless joltheads and unmannered slaves (The Taming of the Shrew)
You kiss by the book (Romeo and Juliet)
You lisp and wear strange suits (Antony & Cleopatra)
You put sharp weapons in a madmans hands (Henry VI Part 2)
You ratcatcher (Romeo and Juliet)
You reek as a sacrifice. Where air comes out, air comes in, there's none abroad so wholesome as that you vent (Cymbeline)
You rise to play and go to bed to work (Othello)
You ruinious butt, you whoreson indistinguishable cur (Troilus and Cressida)
You secret, black and midnight hags (Macbeth)
You should be women and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so (Macbeth)
You showed your teeth like apes, and fawned like hounds and bowed like bondmen (Julius Caesar)
You talk greasily, your lips grow foul (Love's Labour Lost)
You tread upon my patience (Henry IV Part 1)
You whoreson cullionly barbermonger (King Lear)
You would answer very well to a whipping (All's well that ends well)
You, minion, are too saucy (The Two Gentlemen of Verona)
You, that are polluted with your lusts, stained with the guiltless blood of innocents, corrupt and tainted with a thousand vices (Henry VI Part 1)
Your beards deserve not so honourable a grave as to stuff a botcher's cushion or to be entombed in as ass's pack saddle (Coriolanus)
Your bum is the greatest thing about you, so that, in the beastliest sense, you are Pomey the Great (Measure for Measure)
Your heart is crammed with arrogancy, spleen and pride (King Henry VIII)
Your hearts I'll stamp out with my horse's heel and make a quagmire of your mingled brains (Henry VI Part 1)
Your means are very slender, and your waste is great (Henry IV Part 2)
Your peevish chastity is not worth a breakfast in the cheapest country (Pericles, Prince of Tyre)
Your purpled hands do reek and smoke (Julius Caesar)

Ye Alehouse Painted Sign
Ye Fat-Guts
Ye White-Limed Wall
You Baggage
You Banbury Cheese
You Base Foul Stone Falsely Set
You Canker Blossom
You Common Enemy Of Man
You Equivocator
You Fool Of Fortune
You Green-Sickness Carrion
You Hag-Seed
You Half A Soul
You Little Jack-A-Lent
You Logger-Headed And Unpolished Groom
You Most Coarse Frieze Capacity
You Of Basest Function
You Peasant Swain
You Polecat
You Poor Worm
You Puppet
You Rabble Of Vile Confederates
You Rat-Catcher
You Ronyon
You Ruinous Butt
You Three-Inch Fool
You Very Devil Incardinate
You Very Pebble Stone
Young And Sweating Devil
Young Baggage
Young Foolish Sapling
Young Fry Of Treachery
Young Quat
Young Start- Up

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