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Shakespeare Insults Dictionary beginning with the letter M

Shakespeare Insults Dictionary
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Men are April when they woo, December when they wed (Antony & Cleopatra)
Men from children nothing differ (Much Ado About Nothing)
Methink thou art a general offence, and every man should beat thee. I think thou wast created for men to breathe themselves upon you (All's well that ends well)
More of your conversation would infect my brain (Coriolanus)
Most wicked sir, whom to call brother would even infect my mouth (The Tempest)
My two schoolfellows. Whom I shall trust as I will adders fangs (Hamlet)
My wife's a hobby horse (The Winter's Tale)

Mad Ass
Mad Misleader
Mad Mustachio Purple-Hued Maltworm
Mad Wag
Madam Mitigation
Mad-Brain Rudesby
Mad-Cap Ruffian
Mad-Headed Ape
Malicious Censurer
Malignant Thing
Malmsy-Nose Knave
Man Of Falsehood
Man Of Wax
Man Replete With Mocks
Manifest Conspirator
Mankind Witch
Mannish Coward
Mannish Youth
Man-Queller And Woman-Queller
Marble- Breasted Tyrant
Marble-Hearted Fiend
Mars Of Malcontents
Martyr Slain In Cupid's Wars
Mean-Born Man
Meanest Groom
Measureless Liar
Mechanic Slave
Mechanical Salt-Butter Rogue
Meddling Priest
Meek Bear
Men Of Grosser Blood
Men Proud Of Destruction
Merely A Dumb-Show
Midnight Hag
Mildewed Ear
Milk- Livered Man
Mindless Slave
Minion Of The Moon
Misbegotten Divel
Misshapen Dick
Mistress Minion You
Monsieur Mock-Water
Monstrous Apparition
Monstrous Malefactor
Moral Fool
Mortal Wretch
Most Acute Juvenal
Most Arch Heretic
Most Credulous Fool
Most Degenerate
Most Delicate Monster
Most Foul
Most Impenetrable Cur
Most Insatiate And Luxurious Woman
Most Malicious Foe
Most Perfidious And Drunken Monster
Most Profane Coxcomb
Most Putified Core
Most Simple Clown
Most Toad-Spotted Traitor
Most Unjust Knave
Most Villainous Knave
Most Wicked Fiend
Mother Of Fools
Motion Generative
Motley-Minded Gentleman
Mountain Foreigner
Mountain Of Mummy
Mouse Of Virtue
Muddy Knave
Mumbling Fool
Murderous Coxcomb
Mute Contemplative
My Lady Tongue

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